Care, repairs and warranty


Garrett items are made with exceptional care on any detail and handmade in Italy with the best quality raw materials and accessories; the refined leathers are vegetable tanned with water- based natural dyes without the use of any chemical product.

In case of stains, we recommend going to specialized centers or laundries only. In case of rain or water we recommend leaving the item lying and away from heat sources. In case of extreme use on the leather, we recommend contacting our customer service to consider the restoration of the item.


In case of damage, Garrett skilled production team will be pleased to help you finding the best and quickest solution. Contact our customer care for support and we will be happy to reply.


Garrett is synonym of quality and reliability since 1982. The best raw materials and accessories as well as the handmade treatments made by skilled and expert people, create a high quality product with a fashion style.

The refined leathers have a specific thickness in order to be resistant but soft at the same time while the handmade treatments are made with water-based and vegetable color dyes; these are made with water- based and vegetable-based colors then they are fixed to avoid color loss.

All our unlined jackets have an inside transparent film that protects the color on your clothes.

The zippers and inside labels are specifically made to avoid scratches on your skin, clothes or other objects. For any doubt or request, we suggest you to contact the customer care service; our staff will be glad to answer your questions and help you.

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